Rafting - Montenegro

An excursion for someone willing to enjoy both the extreme tourism and the beauty of nature!


Unique canyon valley known in the world as the deepest and steepest river valley in Europe and capricious mountain river attract a lot of touri- sts from all over the world. The Tara is the wildest, most beautiful and clearest river of the old continent. Because of its clearness it is called the “tear of Europe ”. It will offer you unforgettable moments. The beauty of lake plateau with clear “mountain eyes” among sharp limestone tops of Mount Durmitor is complemented with the beautiful canyon of the Tara whi- ch is 1330 meters deep. The most attractive part of the canyon (85 km lo- ng) is rich in the most exciting countryside in the world: beautiful waterfalls of wild tributaries and thick forests with the most various trees (coniferous and other trees) which can be 50 meters high, and they can be about 400 years old; the Tara has emerald river pools and more than 50 foaming rapids. At the very end of rafting down the canyon, the Tara and the Piva make a new river, the Drina, which is one of the longest river on the Balka- ns and it is very rich in water. 

Lake of Piva is an artificial lake ma- de by building a hydro power plant on river Piva in 1975. Near Mratinje, 10 kilometers away from Scepan polje, there is a dam 220 meters hi- gh, among the tallest dams in Euro- pe. The lake itself is 200 meters deep and 42 kilometers long, and it can all be seen from the road. Lake Piva is the biggest reservoir of dri- nkable water and it provides perfect conditions for sports on calm water. Although it is artificial, lake Piva will enchant you with its beauty and eme- rald blue color in contrast with cliffs of the canyon. Part of the road from Niksic town towards Scepan Polje border crossing with Bosnia Herzego- vina leads through the canyon of Piva, along the Piva lake and later, behind the dam, through the rest of naturally outlook of canyon. This is really bea- utiful and amazing adventure. Beautiful mountains dominate above the both side the Piva lake. On the beginning of the road you will drive high above the lake and you have the privilege to enjoy in the view of Durmitor behind in the background of the lake. At Pluzine town road descends into the Piva valley and continues by the Piva lake. The road continues through many rocky tunnels through the rocks of the canyon, near the lake. Most magnificent part starts behind the dam, through the canyon of untouched wild beauty, where pure clear green and blue Piva river runs deep below impressive road while rocks tower dominate above it.

Scepan Polje is the small village, being a border crossing to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nevertheless in summer it is one of the most visited with tourist places in continental pa- rt of Montenegro. The reason is the very exciting event, rafting down the Tara River. In general one-day rafting routes start from Scepan Polje, and at the same time here is the end of longer time rafting routes - two-day and three-day ones. Directly over Scepan Polje upon a high hill there are the ruins of medieval fortress Soko - former residence of Herzog Stepan (Stepan Vukcic Kosaca). From here Vukcic ruled a large territory, until now called for his title - "He- rzegovina". The title was granted him in 1448 by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Frederick III. Soko was founded supposedly at the begi- nning of the XIV century, and belonged to Herzog Stepan till 1465 during 40 years, until the Turks captured and destroyed it. There were no solid fortress walls due to complex relief, so in many places high vertical precipices are used instead of them. Soko is worth to be visited for a magnificent view of Piva river canyon and vicinities, opening here.

Only through rafting the true anato- my of the canyon may be discove- red, and all of its handwriting. It is the only way to see what there is to be seen, the charm and the beauty of its abundance. Rafting may give to all this it’s special dimension, the very personal contact to the pure- ness of nature. Every new kilometer, even so a meter, all along the way, gives another hue, another sight-seeing, and another challenge. It is the most beautiful and the most attractive way to see and feel all this beauty and to enjoy in the well-being, the nature’s own way, created by Mother Nature. The start is over by the Scepan polje. The one day rafting, in the length of 18 kilometers will take 2 - 3 hours, in this parts there is the maximum height difference between the starting and the ending point of the rafting. Don’t be sorry for taking the one-day rafting only! In this part there are 21 cascades from 50 on the Tara: Brstanovica, Pecine, and especially the dangerous Vjernovac... From the 1st of June till the 1st of October rafting is completely safe, because of the low water level and slower flow of the river, and people from 7 to 77 ages are welcome to enjoy.

Rafting (or in English white water ra- fting) has its origins in transport of the woods from the high mountain areas to sawmills. In order to make this transport easy and cheap, the flows of the rivers were used. Peo- ple who were transporting woods by jumping from the one trunk to ano- ther were called triftari, and among them, famous were triftari from Dri- na River, Tara River, Lim River and Ibar River. This way of transport was la- ter replaced by the road transport: however interest for rafting remained as a part of our tourist attraction. Also, this way we keep memory on our ance- stors who had fought with rapids, passes and narrows of wild mountain ri- vers. Recreational whitewater rafting on The Tara River began in 1974. Pri- or to this the river had only been used for commercial transportation of logs. Today, Tara Rafting is a combination of unforgettable relaxation and adventure. The rafting attractions of Tara gained Mark 4, very near to the most attractive rafting-rivers in the world like Colorado or Zambezi which gained Mark 5. That means that Tara can give, regarding attractions and adventure the most practically any river in the world can give.

Lunch just beside the river, where the culinary specialties from these parts may be eaten - cream, cheese, roasted lamb, and peasant bread made under an earthenware cup will make for a wonderful ending of your rafting tour.