Excursions - Montenegro

Since it is almost impossible to show everything you can see and enjoy with us, mentioned excursions are only shortcut of our biggest excursion in our organization. According to your wishes we are able to organize wide range of other very interesting excursions as well, such as various panoramic rides by boat enriched with tasteful menus (meat and fish) or wine tasting in typical environments (konobe and restaurants).

Montenegro is known for its many wonderful destinations, beautiful nature and historical towns. Incredible sights can be seen all over the country, and every region has its many attractions. If you are staying in Montenegro it would be a shame to spend the entire vacation in one place; there are so many incredible places for you to discover…

Regardless in which town or region you are staying, we can organize different excursions and trips. If you are not sure what you would like to visit, we will be happy to propose you something.

We suggest boat excursions, visits to National Parks, city sightseeing or adventure excursions… Coastal Region, Central Region  and Northern Region are full of creative possibilities to spend your days.

The cities of Kotor, Perast, Budva, Cetinje  and others are abundant with historical monuments and tell exiting stories; Boka Bay, Skadar Lake, Durmitor, river Tara, mountain Lovcen are only some of the beautiful National Parks; boat excursions take you to explore the local Riviera and Boka Bay…

Each region has its star attractions and we’ll be happy to suggest and organize a fun day out for you.

We are confident partner, which through unique travel experience, with knowledge and kindness of our guides, makes world closer to Montenegro and Montenegro closer to the world.


Ada Bojana

The Ada Bojana area of the Ulcinj coast is a popular destination with international travelers to Montenegrins, and perhaps most telling, among Montenegrins as well. This is due largely to the natural beauty of the area and the daily fresh fish catch served at Ada Bojana restaurants.



The Bay of Kotor

Boka is a place where various differences meet up and mix up by creating an entirely special ambiance. Contrasts are replicated in nature where in one part of the bay one can see steep rocky mountains rising upon the calm sea surface, while on the other part flourish real botanical gardens.




Canyons program gives you unprecedented opportunity to see Montenegro
from seaside to northern mountain massifs of Bjelasica, Sinjajevina and Durmitor, canyons
of Moraca and Tara where you can feel all power of river that made second deepest
canyon on the world.



Ostrog Monastery

The monastery Ostrog represents one of the greatest Montenegrin and Ortodox sanctuaries. Visiting the monastery built high in the rocky mountain, where miracles happen even today,as people say, seems to be inevitable tour for all tourists and route for pilgrims of all religions.



Mini Montenegro tour

It's a cultural trip where you can learn a lot about rich historical and cultural heritage of Montenegro and enjoy in part of its natural beauties. Visiting the old capital Cetinje and the palace of the king Nikola I you'll see how in the old times the royal family lived .



Lustica Peninsula

Leave everyday crowds. Feel a different rhythm of life. Visit Zabrdje, a small village on the northern side of the peninsula of Lustica where dense old olive groves are resisting the sea and mountain air currents.You will be warmly welcomed by our host.




The finest way to try yourself and your adventurous spirit, and to share unforgettable moments, and to enjoy in last jungle, whirlpools, beaches and comfortable
lunch on the riverside... The deepest canyon in Europe, the longest rafting in Europe.
One day experience we offer, returns all spent energy.



Skadar Lake

Visit Skadar lake, ecological empire, oasis of silence spoiled only by song of
the birds. Achieve intimate touch with untouched nature. Roam with the boat along
the lake, and eat in national restaurant. While in Montenegro you mustn’t miss the opportunity
to visit this amazing lake.



Аlbania - Tirana

How many people you know, that was in Albania? Be among first tourists that is visiting this incredible country. You’ll need almost all day for this excursion, but
you won’t regret. You’ll see “domain of eagles”, capital Tirana, as well as its second greatest
city Skadar.



Croatia - Dubrovnik

The 'Pearl of the Adriatic, situated on the Dalmatian coast, became an important Mediterranean sea power from the 13th century onwards. As an architectural entity, Dubrovnik is a unique stage in the world, open to the sky, mobile and suitable for every kind of experience.



Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mostar

A city made out of stone on stone, historical, political, scientific and cultural center of Herzegovina lies at the foot of the slopes of Velez Mountain, in the Neretva River valley. Mostar is the city of contrasts, a city of sun, greenery and flowers, with a mild Mediterranean climate, even fragrances from the sea reaching it.



Bosnia and Herzegovina - Trebinje

Surrounded by white stones and washed by Mediterranean sun is one of the latest oases of the Old Continent where you can escape from everyday life or have a break and enjoy in the fresh air. No metter which way do you take to come here; you will always be met by magnificent genuine nature and hospitable people.